Dehumidifier controls the humidity level from being high. In case of high humidity levels the environment becomes damp which is a breeding place for mildew, fungus that causes health hazards. It works by collecting the dew from the air and storing it in the tank. By optimising the humidity level in the air it makes breathing easy and keep away from the health hazards. EcoAir, the unique brand offers products to keep your home clean and safe. EcoAir Eco20LDK Carbon Filter Dehumidifier is one among the compact models, the following review brings out more details on it.

Highlighted Features:

Intelligent Energy – This feature helps to save the energy as it functions by lowering the fan speed when it has reached the set modes. The illumination in the display will automatically shut off and on.

Intelligent Protect – This is another highlighted feature that helps to protect the compressor hence it makes better in durability. It has pre-programmed variable delay start that is between 1 minute to 10 minutes which depends on the settings, the air conditions and the selected functions.

Silent Operation – Pretty interesting is this feature as the device functions with the minimum noise emission minimum of 36dBa and the maximum of 43 dBa. It can be easily placed on the floor close by, table top or the side table.

Carbon Filter – The quality of the air depends on the effective filtration and this model is been equipped with the carbon filter which makes the environment fresher, safer and easier to breath.

The Basics:

EcoAir Eco20LDK LCD Display Dehumidifier in its compact structure is a perfect domestic appliance. The white housing is a style statement, while the digital control system and the lid that are present on the top make it attractive. The overall dimension of this model is 590mm in height, 366mm in width and 330mm in depth. The weight of this product is 12.2kg in net and the gross weight is 14.0kg which is not a hassle to handle. This model suits the domestic environment or a small closed area. The optimised working range is at the degree of 15 to 30 degree C.

Operation and Application:

Present in this model is a large LCD display which gives a quick read out of the settings. The controls are user friendly and right from the temperature, the humidity level and the timing can be obtained in the display. This device also has a water tank that is located in the bottom and has a water level indication with the transparent finish. The carbon filter present in this model helps to give out clean and fresh air. It has auto defrost function and hidden caster. The water tank is removable and hence emptying is simple without the need of any additional tools. It also has a handle that is foldable and can be used for carrying the appliance when required. This model works on electric power with 360 Watts which makes the moisture removal of 20 litres per day.


EcoAir Eco20LDK 360 Watts Dehumidifier is been provided with 12 months warranty which covers the device for parts and labour.

EcoAir Eco20LDK Dehumidifier – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer EcoAir
Model Name Eco20LDK Carbon Filter Dehumidifier
Dimension (H x W x D) 590 x 366 x 330 mm
Weight Net – 12.2 kg
Gross – 14 kg
Power 360 Watts
Tank Capacity 4.5 litres
Digital display Yes
Continuous drainage port Yes
Moisture removal 20 litres per day
Applicable area 18 to 30 sq. meters
Air flow volume 168 m3/h
Noise level 36 – 43 dBa
Safety shut off Yes
Ambient temperature 5 to 35 degree C
Power supply 220 – 240 Volts, 50 Hz
Carry handles Yes
Highlight features Portable in size
Intelligent energy
Intelligent protect
Convenient carry handle
Silent operation
Large LCD display
Carbon filter
Transparent water level indicator
Auto defrost function
Hidden caster
Warranty 12 months